7-Series Wood Pellet Vertical Smoker By Louisiana Grills

Product Description

The Louisiana Grills 7-Series vertical smoker features two full-function programmable meat probes for precise cooking control. The cooking range is 150° to 420°F, making it perfect for all types of meat. The heavy-duty steel construction and porcelain-coated steel guarantee longevity and toughness. The four heavy-duty locking caster wheels make movement easy and hassle-free, while the high-temp powder-coated finish gives your grill a professional appearance. 110-120 Volt / 2.1 Amp / 50/60 hz / 250 w / 3 prong electrical appliance.

7-Series Wood Pellet Vertical Smoker Pros

  • It is a very high-quality pellet smoker that is built to last.
  • The cooking temperature range is great, allowing for a variety of meats to be smoked without having to worry about them being over or under cooked.
  • It has a porcelain-coated steel construction which makes it very durable.
  • The caster style wheels make it easy to move around and the high-temp powder-coated finish makes it look good and keep your smoker looking new.
  • The meat probes are a great added feature, allowing you to easily monitor the internal temperature of your meat without having to open the lid.

7-Series Wood Pellet Vertical Smoker Cons

  • It can be a bit Westernized for some people's taste, with its black finish and cast iron construction.
  • It can be a bit cumbersome to move around due to its caster style wheels, although this may not be an issue for everyone.