Amantii Panorama 72-inch Deep Full Frame Zero Clearance Built-In Electric Fireplace

Product Description

Turn any wall into a work of art with the Amantii Deep Panorama Series. This 12-inch deep electric fireplace can be built-in with finishing materials right up to the glass for a clean edge. Featuring Advanced Dual Flame presentation and 4-stage lighting, the flame can be adjusted for a realistic feel.

Available in multiple widths ranging from 40-inches to 88-inches wide, this built-in electric fireplace unit provides supplemental heat to areas of up to 500 square feet. Rated for indoor and outdoor use, this is a versatile electric fireplace.

The Size You Need

Select the size that fits you with the multiple widths to choose from. Whether you are looking for a 40-inch wide unit for your outdoor residential patio or an 88-inch wide fireplace for your commercial conference room, the Deep Panorama Series has a size for you, designed with a full frame and zero clearance.

Easy Installation

Capable of being plugged into a standard 120V electrical outlet, this unit is perfect for locations where running costly gas lines and venting aren’t possible. These units can also be hard-wired to a thermostat.  

These 12-inch deep models offer a true clean, full frame face installation, allowing for the finishing material to be built right up to the glass edge. For areas where finishing material isn’t always desirable or available, the included surround can be used as an alternate finish option.

Several Heating Options

Equipped with a 2-stage heater, the Deep Panorama Series provides supplemental warmth to spaces of up to 500 square feet. This fireplace allows you to set and maintain the temperature of your room. Use the simple manual controls located on the fireplace or the included remote control to adjust the temperature to your desired setting.

  • Heater Switch: Turns on and powers the flame effect without dispensing any heat when your room temperature is higher than 86 degrees F.
  • Low Heating Level: Provides low fan-forced heat with flames at 750-watts.
  • High Heating Level: Provides high fan-forced heat with flames at 1,500-watts.

Equipped with a massive glass viewing area, it provides one of the most stunning flame presentations on the market. Several features contribute to the creation of a realistic flame.

  • ‘Dual Flame’ Technology: Instead of a single flame, the ‘Dual Flame’ technology creates a more vibrant experience.
  • 4-stage Lighting: Provides options to change the flame from traditional colors such as yellow and orange to more contemporary colors like blue, purple, rose and violet.  
  • Realistic Log Set: Included with the fireplace, this eleven-piece log set can be used to create a more traditional, realistic flame.
  • Included Glass Media: Standard are large glass nuggets and two colors of fire glass media, clear and blue diamond.

Additional Features

  • Location Flexibility: Rated for indoor or outdoor use, the Panorama Deep Series provides you with more options for where your new fireplace can be installed.
  • Timer: Program your fireplace to turn on and off in half-hour intervals for up to 9 hours.
  • Digital Display Programmable Thermostat: Adjust heater temperature and level with an easy-to-read digital thermostat.
  • Variable Wattage Usage: Using 22 watts when the heater is off and a maximum and 1,500 watts when the heater is on its highest setting, this unit allows you to have control over your energy consumption.
  • LED Bulbs: Lower your energy consumption and increase the longevity of your bulbs with the LED ember log set.
  • Plug on the Left Side: The 76-inch electrical cord is located on the left side of the electric fireplace.


Designed to give you the maximum flexibility in selecting a unit that perfectly suits your needs, the Panorama Deep Series from Amantii is a built-in electric fireplace rated for both indoor and outdoor use. With sizes ranging 40-inches to 88-inches wide, this fireplace is capable of providing supplemental heat in areas up to 500 square feet.

What Customers Love

  • Variable Widths: With sizes ranging from 40-inches to 88-inches wide, the Panorama Deep Series provides an option to select the width that best fits your space.
  • Deep Recess: A 12-inch deep recess allows for finishing material to be built right up to the edge, creating a crisper look.
  • Dual Flame Presentation: Create more vibrant experience with Amantii’s ‘Dual Flame” technology. Combined with the included realistic log set and glass media, it creates a realistic flame.

Things to Consider

  • Finishing Material: Applying the finishing material all the way up to the edge of the fireplace is not always desirable. In those instances, the included surround could be used as an alternate finish option.