Amantii Tru-View Deep XT Series Fireplace 40-Inch

Product Description

Enjoy a modern centerpiece when you transform your space with the built-in Amantii Tru-View Deep XT Fireplace. With an extra tall viewing area and the most flexible installation available, it creates a layered ambiance in offices, living areas, master bedrooms and even bathrooms.

Pick the Perfect Amantii Electric Fireplace for Your Space

All Tru-View fireplaces add immediate heat and ambiance to rooms up to 500 square feet. They also feature 22-inch viewing windows and 33-inch heights and 13.75-inch depths. 

Find the Amantii that best fits your space: 

  • 40-inch: At just over 3 feet in width, this is an ideal solution for bathrooms and small living areas.  
    • Rough Opening Size: 43.75 × 34 inches
  • 50-inch: This roughly 4-foot wide fireplace fits well in bedrooms, basements and offices. 
    • Rough Opening Size: 53.75 × 34 inches
  • 60-inch: Transform any living room or office space with this 5-foot wide modern electric fireplace. 
    • Rough Opening Size: 63.75 × 34 inches
  • 72-inch: Perfect for living rooms and large master bedrooms since it stands at exactly 6-feet wide.
    • Rough Opening Size: 75.75 × 34 inches 
  • 88-inch: The largest option at 7.3 feet wide, it’s ideal for office foyers and hotel lobbies. 
    • Rough Opening Size: 91.75 × 34 inches

Customizable Comfort and Ambiance

Enhance your space with the modern built-in fireplace. It blends a sleek exterior with logset media, but there are countless ways to customize the experience: 

  • Multiple Heat Settings: This 1,500-watt heater adds warmth to rooms up to 500 square feet. You can also choose low heat or turn heat off for ambiance all year. 
  • Auto Mode: Take advantage of the precise thermostat control by turning on Auto mode. It will kick on the heater to low or high heat based on your ambient room temperature. 
  • Lighting Options: There are 13 different lighting options to choose from to customize the experience. The lights reflect down onto the logset, stone media and flames. 
  • Designer Media Kit Included: Flames bounce on a blend of traditional (15-piece logset) and modern (ICE media, pebbles, stones and glass). 
  • Multi-Color Flames: Three light strips allow for traditional yellow and orange flames. But you can also choose between blue, violet and rose to complete the modern appeal. 

Extra Tall Viewing Window & 3-Sided Corner Design

The Amantii Tru-View Deep XT Fireplace offers a 22-inch viewing window that allows you to enjoy the life-like flames. This viewing window is 6 inches taller than other popular Amantii fireplaces. 

Additionally, its deep design and 3 sides of glass allows for 4 different installation options: 

  • All 3 sides of glass visible to the room. This is common for installations with fireplaces that enter into the room. 
  • Left or right side visible (with one side closed)
  • Both sides closed with only the front glass visible

Find the perfect place for this Amantii Corner Electric Fireplace, and you’ll transform your space like no other fireplace available. 

Additional Features

  • Indoor or Outdoor Use: This Amantii electric fireplace is rated for indoor and covered outdoor use. 
  • Long Power Cord: The 5.8-foot power cord is included for those who don’t want to hardwire the unit for thermostat use. 
  • Remote Control: Make setting changes from anywhere in the room with the included fully-functional remote control. 
  • Safety Cut-Off: This Amantii Corner Electric Fireplace features a safety cut-off switch that turns the unit off automatically if it overheats due to blocked air vents or any other reason.


A one-of-a-kind corner fireplace with various installation options, this sleek corner electric fireplace creates a new environment in an old room, office or rental property.