Amantii Tru-View Deep XT Series Fireplace 50-Inch

Product Description

All Tru-View fireplaces add immediate heat and ambiance to rooms up to 500 square feet. They also feature 22-inch viewing windows and 33-inch heights and 13.75-inch depths. 

Find the Amantii that best fits your space: 

  • 40-inch: At just over 3 feet in width, this is an ideal solution for bathrooms and small living areas.  
    • Rough Opening Size: 43.75 × 34 inches
  • 50-inch: This roughly 4-foot wide fireplace fits well in bedrooms, basements and offices. 
    • Rough Opening Size: 53.75 × 34 inches
  • 60-inch: Transform any living room or office space with this 5-foot wide modern electric fireplace. 
    • Rough Opening Size: 63.75 × 34 inches
  • 72-inch: Perfect for living rooms and large master bedrooms since it stands at exactly 6-feet wide.
    • Rough Opening Size: 75.75 × 34 inches 
  • 88-inch: The largest option at 7.3 feet wide, it’s ideal for office foyers and hotel lobbies. 
    • Rough Opening Size: 91.75 × 34 inches

Customizable Comfort and Ambiance

Enhance your space with the modern built-in fireplace. It blends a sleek exterior with logset media, but there are countless ways to customize the experience: 

  • Multiple Heat Settings: This 1,500-watt heater adds warmth to rooms up to 500 square feet. You can also choose low heat or turn heat off for ambiance all year. 
  • Auto Mode: Take advantage of the precise thermostat control by turning on Auto mode. It will kick on the heater to low or high heat based on your ambient room temperature. 
  • Lighting Options: There are 13 different lighting options to choose from to customize the experience. The lights reflect down onto the logset, stone media and flames. 
  • Designer Media Kit Included: Flames bounce on a blend of traditional (15-piece logset) and modern (ICE media, pebbles, stones and glass). 
  • Multi-Color Flames: Three light strips allow for traditional yellow and orange flames. But you can also choose between blue, violet and rose to complete the modern appeal.