Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat 300 Patio Heater

Product Description

A modern industrial-style outdoor heater, the Bromic Tungsten 300 Series uses 3 gas burners to warm areas up to 120 square feet. Like all Bromic patio heaters, the affordable Tungsten 300 is built with the highest-quality materials and features a sleek design for upscale outdoor areas. Available as natural gas or propane heaters, the Tungsten 300 series is built with an open face grille that adds radiant heat to restaurant patios. Mount it to a wall or ceiling and adjust it direct heat where you need it. Multiple models create a modern touch to a large chilly patio.

Mountable Design

Mount each heater to a wall or ceiling for instant warmth. Its sleek black exterior fits in any outdoor space, and it’s compact enough to have multiple models in one space. Turn it on with the touch of a button and use its ½-inch NPT female connection for natural gas or propane gas lines. Then use its pivot arm to direct heat where you need it. For ceiling mounting, purchase one of the Bromic Ceiling Mount Poles. 

Attractive & Heavy-Duty Exterior

A stainless steel black design fits with any outdoor decor and withstands tough outdoor conditions. Its tinted ceramic fascia projects comforting warmth, while its open face grille withstands winds up to 8 miles per hour.

High-End Outdoor Heating Features

  • Powerful: 26,000 BTUs of heating power to cover 120 square feet in front of and to the sides of the unit.
  • Three Burner Design: Evenly distributes heat for reliable warmth.
  • Pivot Arm: Adjust it up to 25 degrees left or right to direct them where you need them. They’re great for corners or along a line of restaurant tables.

Natural Gas or Propane Fuel

The Bromic Tungsten 300 Series Gas Heaters can be powered by propane or natural gas lines. Both options provide continuous, instant warmth with the flip of a switch.

  • Bromic BH021001 = Bromic Tungsten 300 Smart-Heat natural gas patio heater
  • Bromic BH021002 = Bromic Tungsten 300 outdoor propane heater

Note: These heaters must be installed by a licensed electrician or installer.

Useful Accessories

For simple ceiling installation, purchase one of the Bromic Ceiling Mounting Poles. We offer 2 sizes (13.62 inches and 33.31 inches) depending on your ceiling height and where you want the heaters to be placed. 

We also offer the Bromic 300 Series Deflector, which allows for low-clearance installations and directs heat down towards your guests—and away from your ceiling. 

Additional Features

  • IPX4: Designed to withstand resistance from rain and water splashes when placed under covers on decks and patios, these Bromic outdoor heaters are rated IPX4. 
  • Versatile Pivot Arm: easy-to-move arm bracket for adjustable heat direction and heat coverage
  • Electronic Ignition: turn on one or multiple units with the touch of a button
  • Automatic Re-igntion: it tries to re-ignite itself if it burns out for any reason


Mount this high-quality outdoor heater for a powerful but smooth warmth.

What Customers Love

  • Design: Ad a touch of modern but industrial inspiration to your space.
  • Two Fuel Options: The Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat 300 Heater can be hooked up to natural gas or propane gas lines.

Things to Consider

  • Installation: This model should be installed by a licensed installer.