Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat 500 Portable Patio Heater

Product Description

A recent Good Design Award winner, the Bromic Tungsten Portable Outdoor Heater represents cutting edge design and world-class function. Its contoured style and innovative technology combine to enhance any outdoor space. Flexible heat direction, adjustable heat output, and large wheels mean you can take this portable patio heater just about anywhere and direct heat where you need it most.

Simply add a 20-pound propane gas tank for instant heat in areas up to 215 square feet. While some outdoor heaters can be an eye sore, this model is a tasteful alternative that adds heat and style to residential or commercial areas.

Style Meets Performance

The Bromic Tungsten Portable Heater was designed for quick, efficient heat in any outdoor or semi-outdoor location:

  • Portable Design: Large wheels make it easy to move to different events or locations. Its stand easily breaks down into 2 parts for efficient shipping and storage.
  • Gas Tank Power: Easily exchange 20-pound propane tanks when needed. Using a tank means you can move this heater easily to any outdoor area and no power lines are required.
  • Enclosed System: The gas injection and burners are enclosed in a curved cover to shield the heat from wind and other outdoor elements. It also provides a more reliable and consistent warmth to patios, decks, and event spaces. While wind is an issue with other outdoor heaters, this one works in winds up to 7.5 miles per hour.

Adjustable Heat

Simply press a button for automatic ignition and then use the knob to adjust your heat level. The Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat 500 Portable Heater covers between 150 and 215 square feet using 21,300 to 38,500 BTUs of power. Just turn the dial to add or subtract the heat needed in your space. You can also tilt this Bromic heater's head to direct heat where you need it most. While on high, this model radiates direct warmth to areas as large as 16 x 13 feet, depending on environmental factors.

Efficient Warmth

Compared to gas patio heaters with traditional designs, the Bromic Tungsten Portable Outdoor Heater loses far less heat during operation. Traditional burners tend to lose heat upwards from the burner as heat is released, but this isn't a problem thanks to its patented design. Its ceramic burners directly push warmth directly out from the unit to provide a consistent, powerful stream of warm air.

Additional Features

  • IPX4: Designed to withstand water splashes (when used per the manual), this heater is IPX4 rated for outdoor use.
  • Anti-Tilt Switch: a switch automatically turns off operation if it's tipped over
  • ETL-Approved: it's been ETL-tested for safe and effective operation
  • Large Wheels: heavy-duty wheels allow for quick movement and transport
  • Award-Winning Design: this portable Bromic outdoor heater has won international awards for its innovative design
  • Top Flame Deflector: helps radiate heat to cover a larger area


Add consistent warmth where you need it most with this trusted, powerful portable heater.

What Customers Love

  • Adjustable Heat: Tilt its head to direct heat and use the dial to increase or decrease heat output.  
  • Impressive Design: Few outdoor heaters combine functionality with a modern, unique design that enhances outdoor space.
  • Easy to Transport: Its wheels, gas tank fuel source, and easily removable parts mean you can take it just about any outdoor environment you need added warmth.

Things to Consider

  • Ventilation: Be sure to place this model in a covered space (or move it before rain) that is well ventilated.
  • Two-Box Delivery: For better delivery service and easier installation, this gas heater's parts come in 2 boxes and simple-to-follow directions.