Dimplex 34" Prism Linear Wall Mount Fireplace

Product Description

The Dimplex BLF3451 Electric Fireplace is part of the new Prism series, which improved upon the most popular Dimplex fireplaces on the market. Its life-like flames dance above river rock that reflect light to create a flickering effect. This sleek and contemporary faux fireplace easily mounts on a wall and provides fast supplemental heat for up to 400 square feet.

Simulated Colored Flames + Presets

The Dimplex Prism Fireplace is great for adding sleek elegance and beauty to any room. Fashioned with patented Dimplex LED Flame Technology, this fireplace comes to life with simulated dancing flames and 7-color presets for different moods, including flame base color combinations, Prism, and media lighting. Turn off the heat function and enjoy the display of the flames without heating a room. Turn the brightness of the unit down for intimate moods, and increase the brightness for a lively get-together.

Smart Controls + Easy Usage

Control the fireplace with the handy remote control, giving you hands-free operation. Easy-to-use thermostat controls allow you to preset the unit to your desired temperature. The fireplace will automatically shut-off when the desired temperature is reached, cycling on and off only to maintain a constant temperature. Finally, the sleep timer function keeps the room warm until it is time to go to bed.

Additional Features

  • Elegant Accessories: Built-in acrylic ice embers add to the flair of the flickering, colored flames.
  • Safe Electric Heating: No venting is required, as air contaminants and pollutants aren’t distributed into the air.
  • Economical Heating: The supplemental heat from the fireplace allows you to turn down your main thermostat.
  • Simple Cleaning: Simply wipe the safe-to-touch glass front with a soft rag for a gleaming display.


Add supplemental heat and unique color combinations with the Dimplex 34-inch linear fireplace.

What Customers Love

  • Realistic Flames: Dimplex’s patented flame technology rivals that of real flames.
  • Easy Step-By-Step Installation: Fireplace installation takes just minutes and requires only a few of your own tools (installation hardware is included). Plus, the owner's manual includes clear and illustrated step-by-step instructions.