Dimplex Featherston Electric Fireplace

Product Description

The 44-inch high Dimplex Featherston Fireplace not only keeps you warm during chilly seasons but will provide you with a glowing coziness all year long. This full-size electric fireplace mantel and fan-forced heating 26-inch firebox can be used with or without heat. Heat up to 400-square feet comfortably and safely with 5,200 BTUs of supplementary warmth. Its easy-to-use controls let you set the amounts of light, flame, and heat emitted into your space.

Full-Size Attractive Design with Custom Controls

The Dimplex

GDS28L8-1152LR warms your home while adding decorative charm. It looks like a traditional fireplace without the cost or effort to build. If features the following:

26-inch firebox: The fireplace firebox fills your room with warmth emanating from its full-size design. 
Rustic finish: The finish is rustic style, natural-looking stone made with attractive wood accents that go with any decor.
Large heating capacity: The warming unit is capable of heating up to 400 square feet in your home.
Environmentally friendly heat production: Warmth is produced safely and without you having to worry about harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide.

The Dimplex Featherston Fireplace offers a number of controls that allow you to customize the atmosphere of your room. The on-demand heat and thermostat control lets you set how warm you want the room. You can also control an interior light and the flame speed. The convenient on/off remote lets you turn the fireplace on or off without getting up. This electric fireplace puts you in control of the ambiance and warmth you desire at the touch of a button.

**The firebox is 26-inches without the trim.

Affordable, Safe, and Eco-Friendly Warmth

With operation costs averaging from 3 to 9-cents an hour, the Dimplex Featherston provides affordable warmth to your space without producing harmful emissions and carbon monoxide into your home and the environment. The safe-glass stays cool to the touch to prevent burns, and the fireplace is furnished with an automatic overheat shutoff device to prevent overheating. Should overheating occur, the heater will automatically turn off and will not restart without resetting manually.

Additional Features

Cool Safe Glass: The glass front fireplace stays cool to the touch to prevent burns.
Low Operation Costs: The fireplace averages 3 to 9 cents an hour in operation costs to save you money.
Limited Warranty: Each unit comes with a worry-free, 2-year limited warranty on the mantel and firebox.


Combine style with function with the Featherston electric fireplace mantel, which is ideal for living rooms and other rooms up to 400 square feet for supplementary heating.

What Customers Love

  • Affordable: This model costs just a few cents an hour to operate and simply needs to be plugged into a wall to bring immediate heat to your space. 
  • Easy to Adjust: You control how much heat enters your space and how quickly the flames move based on your desire.
  • Heat-Less Operation: Enjoy its ambiance all year using it’s no-heat operation mode.

Things to Consider

  • Location: Consider this model's size and clearance requirements before purchasing one for your space.