Ecojet Cyclone Misting Fan with 10 Gallon Reservoir

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EcoJet by Joape’s Cyclone Reservoir misting fan cools up to 800 sq. ft. area, moving an impressive 1,625 cu. ft. of air per minute reducing outside area temperature by up to 20°. Create an outdoor “cool zone” of comfort with an ultra fine cool mist cloud to lower area temperature, cleanse the air of dust, smoke and odors and create a bug free fly zone. Ideal for outdoor patios, decks, screen porches, lanais, spa and pool areas, anywhere portable spot cooling is desired. EcoJet fans are quiet, low-maintenance and energy-efficient. With their unique center centrifugal disk design, there are no nozzles to clog. When water is pumped to the center disk, which is spinning at super high velocity, droplets explode into microscopic fine particles that create a cooling cloud of mist so fine you don’t get wet! Reservoir models are made of durable, weather resistant plastic, simply fill with water from a garden hose. Reservoirs are mounted on a rolling caster base with one locking wheel for easy portability. The 10 Gal. water tank provides all-day cooling up to 24 hours, depending upon the adjustable mist level setting from low to high. Requires standard 110-Volt outlet. EcoJet by Joape misting fans are eco-friendly, with low electrical and water consumption. Overall product size is 23 in. L x 19 in. W x 48 in. H.

Ecojet Cyclone Misting Fan Features

Patented misting technology
High quality
Extends outdoor living with ultra fine, cool mist for maximum comfort
Cleanses the air of smoke and odors and bug free fly zone
Creates cloud of superfine atomized mist so fine you don;t get wet!
Utra quiet with attractive design, does not drown out conversation
Water reservoir for all day cooling
Green technology, energy efficient & low water consumption
Low maintenance, no nozzles to clog, no filters, no high pressure pumps
110 Volt, 70-watt, ultra-quiet 60 decibel
Adjustable mist volume knob from low to high

Ecojet Cyclone Misting Fan Specifications

Color: Black, grey, or white
Coverage area: 800sq ft
Airflow: 1625cfm
Noise level: 67db
Consumption: 160W/3.27Ah
Voltage: 110V
Water Supply: Water Line
Dimension: 23″ x 19″ x 48″
Weight: ( lbs ) 61

Ecojet Cyclone Misting Fan with 10 Gallon Reservoir
Ecojet Cyclone Misting Fan with 10 Gallon Reservoir


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