Ener-G+ 1500 Watt Electric Patio Heater

Product Description

Keep the party going and stay warm all fall and winter long with the Ener-G+ 1500 Watt Electric Patio Heater. Perfect for outdoor kitchens, patios, decks, and other outdoor entertainment areas, this powerful freestanding heater is easy to operate and delivers maximum warmth.

Designed for any residential outdoor space, the Ener-G+ Patio Heater plugs into a standard 120-volt electrical outlet.

Why Choose Infrared Heating?

Unlike propane and gas heaters, infrared heaters are less influence by wind and are designed to heat objects and people and not just the air. Combine that with infrared heating producing much less heat loss, and you have an efficient supplemental heating solution.

What Makes the Ener-G+ Electric Patio Heater Great?

  • Easy to Operate: With its remote control, adjusting your settings takes just the press of a button.
  • Large Heating Range: Its heat range diameter of 12 feet means you and all your guests will stay warm all day long.
  • Safe to Use: As an infrared heater, you’ll never have to worry about carbon monoxide emissions.
  • Rated for Outdoor Use: This certified heater is both water and dust resistant.
  • Supplemental Light: Two LED lights on each side of the heater can be activated to add extra lighting to your entertainment space.