Lava Heat Italia Lava Lite Triangular Patio Heater

Product Description

The Lava Heat Italia Lavalite A-LINE-8M is a Natural Gas or Propane Commercial Heater. The new A-LINE series features upgraded hardware, finishes, and new eco-friendly heating options. This 8 ft. tower is engineered with upgraded Solid Steel, Aluminum, and 304 Grade Stainless Steel. The signature Column of Flame Heater distributes a massive 56,000 BTUs that covers approximately 36 square feet. The flame is protected from extreme temperatures and weather by a 4 ft. Borosilicate glass tube.

The Lava Heat 8 ft. A-Line Heaters have exclusive chrome reflectors that visually augments the flame for optimal viewing. Touch-to-Start Technology (No Remote) accompanied with our Tilt Switch-Auto-Shutoff makes it safe, simple, and fast. It’s solid steel side panels & easy-snap magnetic door storage compartment that protect the tank ensures its durability to last. This state-of-the art heater comes fully assembled and includes a 10-foot quick connect gas line. One of the only natural gas options on the market make the Lavalite A-Line a must have for your outdoor space.

  • Power Source: Standard Propane (LP) or Natural Gas
  • Power Rating: 56,000 BTU
  • Coverage Area: Approximately 36 sq. ft.
  • Available in Hammered Black, Stainless Steel or Heritage Bronze finish
  • Package Includes: Partially or Fully Assembled Heater, Packing materials, Owner’s manual
  • Construction: Solid Steel, Aluminum, and “304” Grade Stainless Steel
  • Safety Features: Tilt Switch Auto-Shutoff
  • Manual ignition
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • 25L x 25W x 91H inches; 69.5 lbs