LG860C Estate Wood Pellet Grill

Product Description

The Louisiana Grills Estate 860C Pellet Grill is the pinnacle in pellet grill technology. Fueled by 100% all natural hardwood pellets, this grill offers astonishing features like the digital control center, in union with the famous LG burn system and standard flame broiler. With temperatures up to 600°F, the Estate Series presents a 304 stainless steel grid and double wall construction for culinary excellence. Audiences who love to cook will appreciate the professional tone of this grill, while family and friends who are just looking for a great BBQ experience will love the versatility and easy-to-use features of this amazing pellet grill.

The LG Estate Series grills have a large cooking system that can cook food evenly and at high temperatures. The appliances also have stainless steel bodies, for extra durability, as well as useful storage space. Grill enthusiasts with style will love the LG Estate Series.

LG860C Estate Wood Pellet Grill Pros

  • Great features and options for cooking.
  • Really easy to use digital control center.
  • 304 stainless steel construction makes it durable.
  • Can cook food evenly and at high temperatures.
  • 100% natural hardwood pellets make it environmentally friendly.

LG860C Estate Wood Pellet Grill Cons

  • Some people may not like the design.
  • Not suitable for very large cooking areas.