Lifesmart Electric Medium Square Fireplace Heater

Product Description

Add an affordable centerpiece and heat source to your living area or bedroom with this Lifesmart Fireplace Heater. Its 3 quartz infrared heating elements push warm air out and directly warm the people in its path. 

Classic Design for Any Room

A light oak exterior and clean lines create an attractive addition to any room. The Lifesmart ZCFP1008US offers flame effects that flicker below the mantle and can be used with or without heat for year-round ambiance. 

Easily Find Your Ideal Comfort Level

The Lifesmart MDFP2090US features an on-board control panel with simple controls: 

  • Change the flame flickering effect from low, medium, high or off
  • Adjust the thermostat up and down based on your comfort level
  • Set the 12-hour programmable timer that automatically shuts off operation after a set amount of time
  • Choose one of three heat settings (low, high, ECO)
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius read-out options on the LCD screen

Safe and Effective Warmth

The Lifesmart Fireplace Heater makes safety its top priority: 

  • Overheat Protection: Should the internal parts reach a certain temperature that could cause overheating, the heater will automatically shut off to avoid any issues. 
  • Tip-Over Protection: If the heater is tipped during operation, an internal switch will automatically shut off the heater immediately. 
  • Child Lock: Press and hold the child lock button for 5 seconds to lock the control panel from wandering fingers. 
  • Cool-Touch Exterior: It’s safe for pets or children to be near this heater as it warms your room. 

Additional Features

  • Dimensions: This compact and classic fireplace heater stands at 28.3“ L x 10.7“ W x 22.6” H. 
  • Remote Control: An included remote control puts all the setting changes at your fingertips. 
  • Portable Design: Easy glide casters allow for simple set up and storage of the Lifesmart Medium Fireplace Heater as needed. 
  • Year-Round Ambiance: Use one of the three heat settings or turn off heating and simply enjoy the flame effect functions. 
  • Low and High Heat Settings: Choose between high (1,500 watts) or low (900 watts) heat based on your comfort needs. 
  • ECO Mode: This tower heater will regulate energy consumption to remain a 68 degree F room temperature.