Remii Deep Indoor/Outdoor Built-In Electric Fireplace - 45 Inch

Product Description

Enjoy the benefits of a modern electric fireplace indoors or outside with the Remii Deep Electric Fireplace. With a 12-inch depth and 3 width options, it’s designed to give you the maximum flexibility in finding the model that fits your needs. 

This Remii Electric Fireplace will be the perfect focal point in any room indoors or outdoors. 

Pick the Perfect Size

All of these Remii Electric Fireplace options are designed for living areas, foyers, bathrooms and even covered patios: 

  • 45 inches: Ideal for small offices, living spaces and covered porches. 
  • 55 inches: Designed for use in living rooms and entertaining spaces. 
  • 65 inches: Consider for large living areas, commercial foyers and other large areas. 

Each fireplace is 24 inches tall and 12 inches wide. 

Multiple Heat Settings

There are 4 heat settings to choose from based on the temperature in your area. This Remii Electric Fireplace covers up to 500 square feet when warming:

  • High Heat: For extra cool evenings, turn on high  heat to use the maximum 1,500 watts of heating output.
  • Low Heat: Conserve energy and add heat to your space with just 750 watts of heating power. 
  • Auto Mode: In Auto mode, the thermostat detects your room’s temperature and selects a mode (including no heat) based on the ambient room temperature. It takes the thinking out of heating your space. 
  • Flame-Only Mode: Enjoy the ambiance of fire without the flames for year-round use. 

Customizable Focal Point

  • Multiple Flame Color Options: This model features 3 LED light strips, which allow for multi-color flame options depending on your mood. With the click of a button on the remote control, adjust the flame colors to blue, rose, violet, yellow or orange.
  • Adjustable Flame Speed: You can also adjust the flame speed from low, medium and high. 
  • Thermostat Ready or Plug-in: This electric fireplace comes with a plug on the left side and 70-inch power cord for operation. But it can also be controlled with an external thermostat. A professional is required for hardwired installation. 
  • Ambient Canopy Lighting: Choose 1 of 13 color options that sit above the dancing flames. 
  • Full-Frame Viewing: Use the included black steel surround or go for the most modern look and just use the glass against your wall. 


  • Remote Control: If you don’t want to use the manual controls on the unit, you can make setting changes with the included remote control. 
  • Safety Cut-Off: If air vents are blocked, causing the fireplace to overheat, operation is automatically turned off until the issue is resolved. 
  • Built-in Design: Use the steel surround or remove the surround and build the unit directly to the finishing material (drywall, stone,tile, etc). 


Transform your room or covered porch into a modern place of relaxation with this Remii Deep Electric Fireplace.