Sierra Flame Linear Series Wall Mount Electric Fireplace - 48 Inch

Product Description

Add immediate warmth and ambiance to any commercial or residential room with a Sierra Flame Linear Series fireplace. Available in 6 sizes, this electric fireplace series is ideal for foyers, living rooms, home renovations, master bedrooms and much more.

These sleek Sierra Flame fireplaces customize your experience with multiple flame colors, installation options and heat settings. 

Transform Your Space

Whether it’s a living room or office waiting room, you’ll transform your space into a modern wonderland with this Sierra Flame Wall Mount Electric Fireplace. 

A sleek black metal surround encloses the multi-color flames and lighting options. Simply mount it to your wall (with the included bracket) or recess it directly into your wall for renovation projects or new construction. 

Other modern touches of the Sierra Flame Linear Series include: 

  • Use the standard orange color flames, or choose from rose, violet, blue, yellow and purple.
  • 13 light color options to choose from based on your mood. 
  • Clear decorative media is included for the flames to bounce on top of during operation. 

The Perfect Size for Any Room

There’s a Sierra Flame Wall Mount Electric Fireplace for any room. All models stand at 23 inches tall and come in these possible widths: 26, 34, 48, 60, 72 or 88 inches. 

The smaller widths are perfect for use in bedrooms, small foyers, offices and small living spaces, while the larger widths are perfect for large living rooms, commercial settings and restaurants. 

Add Immediate Heat

Avoid the hassle of wood-burning fireplaces by adding this user-friendly option. Designed to warm areas up to 500 square feet, you can start heating with the touch-of-a-button on the included remote control. 

These electric fireplaces can be hardwired into the wall, wired through a thermostat (not included) or plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet. 

Heat is emitted through the front of the unit near the bottom of the fireplace, directing warmth out into your space. 

Additional Features

  • Multiple Heat Settings: Choose the appropriate temperature by pressing the heater button. The set temperature will display on the indicator. 
  • Programmable Timer: Set your Sierra Flame Linear Series fireplace to operate and turn off in advance. Set it to run between 30 minutes and 8 hours. 
  • Brightness Options: Customize your flame experience by adjusting between low, medium, or high brightness. You can also turn off the flames. 
  • Reliable Heating: These modern fireplaces are backed with 2-year warranties and are from one of the most trusted names in room heating.