Southern Enterprises Torlington Marble Tiled Alexa-Enabled Electric Fireplace

Product Description

Grace your living room with the contemporary Southern Enterprises Torlington Fireplace. Designer herringbone white and gray tile surround one of three firebox options. A flat matte white mantel decoratively enhances the lifelike flames, as well as surrounding décor.

Four Firebox Options

Select your preferred firebox option with three different choices. All are easy to install to the mantel. Just unbox and plug in.

  • Standard: Simple flickering LED flames and glowing embers provide a lifelike fire with engineered realistic fire logs.
  • Enhanced: Lodge-inspired with larger faux logs and glowing embers on a cast iron grate with scrollwork around the edges. Digital thermostat and settings are displayed in the top right-hand corner for easy monitoring & adjustment.
  • Alexa: Control the firebox with your Alexa to lower or raise temperature and lighting, power on or off, and downlight functions.
  • Color-Changing: Acrylic fire crystals glint and sparkle amid red-orange and blue-purple hues with flickering LED lighting.

Designer Firebox + Heating Features

Heat your living room, dining room, or den while enjoying the glow of a life-like fire. Some firebox and heating features include:

  • Adjustable flame and ember brightness create a true intimate ambiance.
  • Select your desired temperature between 62 – 82 degrees F with the adjustable thermostat.
  • Turn on the downlight for more attractive illumination throughout the firebox.
  • Set the nine-hour timer to automatically shut off the firebox before bed or after a party.
  • Long-lasting LED lights continue to provide years of beautiful radiance.

Modern Firebox Composition

To even further your enjoyment, the Southern Enterprises Marble Tiled Fireplace features a monochromatic surrounding mantel, offering beautiful illumination. Designer herringbone marble tiles form an eye-catching design framing your firebox.

Additional Features

  • Overheat Protection: In case high operating temperatures are detected, the firebox will automatically shut off to prevent overheating.
  • Flame Only: Turn off the heat and enjoy flickering flames in the summer for year-round ambiance.
  • Remote Control: Control the firebox with the included remote control.
  • CSA-Listed: Listed to CSA-standards, the fireboxes pass safety standards.
  • Dimensions: 50 W x 15 L x 39 H-Inches


Heat your space in style with the Southern Enterprises Torlington Marble Tiled Electric Fireplace.

What Customers Love

  • Firebox Styles: Select between four different firebox styles that suit your home—standard, enhanced,  Alexa-enabled, and color-changing.

Things to Consider

  • Remote Controls: The color-changing remote control features an LED screen, while the Alexa and standard firebox come with a simple push-button remote.