Sunglo PSA-265 E-Series Sunglo Permanent Post E-Series Natural Gas Heater

Product Description

The Sunglo model PSA265V E permanent post heater is an outdoor rated natural gas heater ideal for open patio designs. The in-ground post minimizes the deck space requred and positions these heaters at the ideal height for comfort and safety. Heat coverage caries depending on the wind exposure on the patio. The average spacing between heaters is 12 ft apart. This heater is available with a variety of control systems. The PSA265V E heater require 24 volt electrical to be connected in order to operate the main burner. This heater utilizesan electronic ignition and monitors the heater through flame rectification. Heater cannot be manually lit. Heater is turned off/on with electrical switch, timer or other control device by interrupting the 24 VAC supply to the heater. Control device is to be supplied by the installer. 50,000 btu/hr. Made in USA