US Stove King Mini Pellet Stove (5501S)

Product Description

The US Stove King Mini Pellet Stove 5501S efficiently heats small cabins, cottages, and homes, using up to 48,000 BTUs and heating spaces up to 2,000 square feet. Designed for warming cottages and smaller homes, the 30.25-inch high US Stove King Mini Pellet Stove 5501S warms spaces up to 2,000 square feet with 48,000 BTUs of supplemental warmth. The freestanding, smaller heavy-duty steel design is great for smaller homes and rooms, and is ideal for for corner placement or close clearances to walls. Designed for simple operation, this non-catalytic pellet stove features a 25-pound hardwood pellet hopper, auto ignition, digital LED display, built-in thermostat, and more to adequately heat your home.

Easy Start-Up + Longer, Slower Fires

Never mess around with lighting a fire again, as the US Stove King Mini Pellet Stove features an automatic ignition that lights the internal firepot with a push of the button. Without the use of long reach matches typically used for fireplaces, push the Power button to start the fire. On the lowest setting (1) the auger turns out 1.5-pounds of pellets per hour for a longer, slower burn that heats for approximately 13 hours when the 25-pound hopper is loaded to full capacity.

Top Mounted Control Panel

Operate the US King Mini Pellet Stove with ease, as it features a top mounted LED control panel. Easily view the temperature as it appears on the digital LED screen, and select your preferred setting:

  • Power Button: Engage the automatic ignition and turn the stove ON and OFF with the Power button.
  • Temperature Arrows: Turn up the temperature, the heat output, and the pellet feed rate with the temperature arrows. Select between 5 heat ranges (1 – lowest, 5 highest).
  • C/F: Select between Celsius and Fahrenheit degree readout on the LED display.
  • Mode Button: Select between manual operation, or allow the built-in thermostat to regulate the temperature.

Manual or Thermostat Mode

Designed to allot you total control over the stove, the manual and thermostat options make it convenient to heat your home. Manually select to control the heating and auger with the temperature buttons, or opt for the thermostat control, allowing the internal thermostat to regulate room temperature, kicking down to the lowest level when the set temp is met. Once the temperature falls, the stove kicks back on to the set temp level you selected previously.

Additional Features

  • 25-Pound Hopper: Designed for smaller homes, this small design hopper holds up to 25-pounds of premium hardwood pellets.
  • Air Washed Glass: The air washed glass front keeps creosote and soot from accumulating, spreading out cleanings and maintenance.
  • Room Air Fan: Once the fire temperature hits 110-degrees F, the fan will kick on, circulating up to 100 CFMs of warm air throughout the room.
  • 13 Hour Burn: On the lowest setting, burn up to 13 hours for comforting warmth.
  • Removable Burn Pot: Clean out ash and soot with the removable firepot.
  • High Temp Thermodisc: Detects high temperature operation and shuts down the stove and auger to keep from overheating.
  • Mobile Home Installation: This unit is approved for mobile home installation. Please read mobile home instructions prior to installation.
  • CSA + ETL Listed: Rated for safety, this pellet burning stove comes with CSA and ETL safety certification.

Note: Professional Installation: This stove should be installed by a professional and authorized technician, preferably a NFI specialist.