Z Grills-550B Pellet Grill

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Z GRILLS 2021 Upgrade Model ZPG-550B BBQ Pellet Grill & Smoker Auto Temperature Control (Rain Cover Not Included)

Perfectly sized for smaller families and couples, the 550B is a rigorously tested pellet smoker designed to create authentic smoky flavor. The advanced PID controller ensures precision temperature control in winter or summer. The smart digital control also means excellent results without the need for constant monitoring.

A wide temperature range allows you to cook from low and slow to hot and fast with confidence and ease. Covered in high-temperature powder coat, the heavy-duty steel body ensures years of wood-fired flavor.

Z Grills-550B Pellet Grill Features

Unmatched Consistency

Adopting cutting-edge PID technology, the 550B maintains a precise temperature throughout your cook. Take the guesswork out of cooking and create deliciously consistent meals every time.

Unique Firebox for the Perfect Burn

The Venturi-style design creates a burn pot cyclone of airflow for maximum heat distribution and complete combustion of the pellets with minimal waste.

Unrivaled Wood-Fired Flavor

Experience real flavor with Z Grills. Using fan-forced convection cooking and 100% all-natural hardwood fuel, Z Grills delivers great results infused with wood-fired flavor.

Big Flavor in a Compact Package

This smoker might seem small, but it has enough cooking space to crank out enough food for a small family and infuses big flavor into your food.

All-Terrain Wheels

Rugged wheels easily conquer any backyard terrain. Quickly roll your grill over snow, mud, sand, dirt, and any other terrain without break a sweat.

Bottom Storage Shelf

The solid shelf provides the space to store your pellet bags, spare racks, grilling tools, etc., keeping what you need within reach.

What is the difference between 550A and 550B?

There are three main differences.

One is in the temperature controller. The 550A has a digital temperature controller, and the 550B features a PID controller for more precise temperature control.

Secondly, they vary in hopper capacity. The 550A has a large 16 lbs hopper, while the 550A’s hopper capacity is 10 pounds.

Lastly, the 550A has a slightly larger cooking area than the 550B.

Z Grills-550B Pellet Grill
Z Grills-550B Pellet Grill
439.00 469.00
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