Z Grills Flagship 700D4E Pellet Grill

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New Arrival: 2021 Upgraded Z Grills 700D4E (700D3) Pellet Grill & Smoker with PID Controller, Meat Probes, and Hopper Clean-Out (Rain Cover Included)

Introducing the NEW 700D4E (700D3) Wood Pellet Grill.

Evolved from our fan-favorite 700 series, the 700D4E boasts upgraded temperature control, more all-natural hardwood smoke, and a superior structural design. With PID temperature control technology, dual-walled construction, an LCD screen with 2 meat probes, and a pellet cleanout system, the bar has been raised and standard set! Get ready to experience the next-gen outdoor cooking experience and elevate your craft like never before.

Z Grills Flagship 700D4E Pellet Grill Features

PID Controller for Consistent Temperatures

The PID controller is a grill master’s dream come true. It maintains an incredibly steady temperature throughout your cook for precision grilling. Take the guesswork out of cooking and create deliciously consistent meals every time.

Conveniently Monitor the Cooking Process

Take control over your food’s doneness with two included temperature probes. The probes give you the precise temperature of the food inside your smoker. Now you can hit the perfect heat every time.

Easily Swap Pellet Flavors

To empty unused pellets or swap pellet flavor, simply twist open the door located on the back of the hopper to release all the pellets in one go.

Excellent Heat Retention & Durability

The double-walled insulation construction and a 2.0 mm thick stainless steel lid provide durability and excellent heat retention. This means steady temps in any weather for ultimate consistency.

Even Cooking Anywhere on the Grill

Load up the cook chamber confidently without fear of uneven cooking. The convection system circulates hot air for a consistent temperature throughout the cooking chamber, cooking food evenly and encircling food with flavorful smoke.

Convenient Storage & Easy Mobility

An enclosed storage cabinet allows you to store all your grilling gear within easy reach and away from the elements for a fully bossing experience. 4 heavy-duty caster wheels make it easy to move your grill around.

Z Grills Flagship 700D4E Pellet Grill
Z Grills Flagship 700D4E Pellet Grill
699.00 975.00
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