Z Grills Master 700E Pellet Grill

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Z GRILLS 2021 Upgrade 700E Pellet Grill & Smoker (Rain Cover Included)

Our best-selling wood pellet grill, thanks to this performance-enhancing design, extreme ease of use, and time-tested reliability.

Fueled by all-natural hardwood pellets, the 700E infuses incredible wood-fired flavor into your food. The wide temperature range (180°F to 450°F) and dial-in digital control with LED readout makes it easy to adjust cooking from low and slow to fiery and fast.

With heavy-duty construction, and a thickened stainless steel grill lid and hopper lid, this grilling machine is built to last.

Z Grills Master 700E Pellet Grill Features

Stainless Steel Lid

The lid of our 700E is made of 2.0 mm thick stainless steel. The thick stainless steel lid reliably retains heat, resists corrosion, and provides excellent durability.

Digital Temperature Control

Designed for precise temperature management with a 180-450 °F temperature. From fatty pork butts to quick and easy burgers, there is nothing Z Grills cannot cook.

Automatic Auger System

The auger system and a variable-speed fan adjust the pellet feed rate and oxygen supply for steady, consistent temperatures. Fire up deliciously consistent results every time.

Unique Firebox

The Venturi-style design creates a burn pot cyclone of airflow for maximum heat distribution and complete combustion of the pellets with minimal waste.

20 lbs Pellet Hopper

Optimal 20 lb. pellet hopper gives you up to 33 hours of unassisted smoking at the smoke setting and 10 hours of grilling at High.

Convenient Storage & Easy Mobility

The storage cabinet allows you to store additional grilling accessories away from the elements and within easy reach. Four heavy-duty caster wheels promote easy rolling.

Z Grills Master 700E Pellet Grill
Z Grills Master 700E Pellet Grill
619.00 729.00
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