Z Grills Powerhouse 10002B2E Pellet Grill

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Z GRILLS 2021 Upgrade 10002B2E Powerhouse Pellet Grill & Smoker (Rain Cover Included)

Cooking an incredible wood-fired feast outdoors has never been easier with Z Grills 10002B2E.

Our top-notch 10002B2E wood-fired pellet grill boasts three tiers of grates giving you room to cook the biggest feasts. This 8-in-1 grill ranges in cooking temperature from 180° to 450 °F for unmatched versatility. Fueled by 100% natural hardwood pellets, it delivers rich wood-fired flavor however you choose to cook.

With the ingenious ash cleanout system, your backyard cooking experience is simple from start to finish.

Z Grills Powerhouse 10002B2E Pellet Grill Features

Express Ash Cleanout System

Cleaning up is as easy as 1-2-3 with our ash clean-out system. Instead of dismantling and cleaning your grill after every use, you can pull a lever and dump the ash in one go.

Stainless Steel Lid

The lid of our 10002B2E is made of 2.0 mm thick stainless steel. The thick stainless steel lid reliably retains heat, resists corrosion, and provides excellent durability.

Side & Front Shelves

Do all your prep work on the included front shelf. The side shelf with tool hooks allows you to keep your grilling tools on hand for every turn in the BBQ process.

20 lb. Pellet Hopper

Optimal 20 lb. pellet hopper gives you up to 33 hours of unassisted smoking at the smoke setting and 10 hours of grilling at High. Enjoy less filling, more smoking with this large hopper.

Unique Firebox

The Venturi-style design creates a burn pot cyclone of airflow for maximum heat distribution and complete combustion of the pellets with minimal waste.

Digital Temperature Control

Designed for precise temperature management with a 180-450 °F temperature. Bake or roast, grill or smoke, Z Grills 10002B2E 8-in-1 grill will serve any BBQ purpose.

Z Grills Powerhouse 10002B2E Pellet Grill
Z Grills Powerhouse 10002B2E Pellet Grill
649.00 699.00
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