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Fire Column Options

While low fire pits and bowls usually have a touch of a wild, primal flavor to them, the tall propane fire columns are much more refined. They add less fire and more accent fire to your outdoor fireplace design. They are also more sophisticated, less campfire and more artistic statement fire. If you are looking for a more "campfire" like feel with an ornamental flair, then this is one great way to accomplish that. These fire columns also come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes.

Propane fire columns come in both wood and metal. There are small wood fire columns that fit in the ground, and larger patio fire columns that sit on the patio or deck as a freestanding column. They can be made from cedar, pine, or other materials, and are available in many different sizes. If you are considering these types of fire columns, make sure that you do some research and consider how many people will be using the space. These are very popular because they are easy to use and maintain. The fire will cook whatever fuel you place inside of it, so it is important to choose the right fuel for your purposes.

The basic design of the wood fire columns is that they are meant to look like a column sitting on the patio. The flames shoot up and out of the top of the column. You may choose to have the flames shot out towards the sides of the patio as well. Some people prefer the flames to spread out and to create a circular flame pattern.

Propane fire columns come in many sizes, shapes, and designs. Some can hold a single cylinder of liquid propane, while others are large enough to hold several containers. There are bowls shaped fire columns and bowls that look like the shape of the letter "P". Many of these bowls will hold up to twenty-four cans of either fuel or fluid. The larger the cans or containers, the more fire columns can be accommodated. These outdoor fire features can also be used as fire rings or in a pit style.

There are some great fire columns out there that are designed to be used as fire bowls. These pits are not outdoor fire features, but rather are built into a cement wall or stone. Once the pit is dug, they can be filled with propane, but then a small hole must be cut into the pit in order for the propane to be released. These pits are great if you are trying to create an effect that resembles a pit, but would prefer to not have anything that could catch on fire.

If you are interested in having dancing flames in your high-end patio, fire columns can be your answer. A fire column can add great elegance and flair to a backyard setting, and it is a unique and fun way to incorporate flames into the design elements of your patio. While most fire columns are designed with a fire pit in mind, some have been designed with a pot belly that stretches out like a large flat pizza oven. This type of fire pit has a fan system that blows the flames from inside the cone outward, creating dancing flames.

While most outdoor fireplaces look a lot like fire tables, there are some differences between the two. Fire tables tend to be square or rectangular, while fire columns tend to be circular or oval in shape. Another difference between the two is that fire tables are often made from stainless steel, while outdoor fireplaces are usually made from aluminum or copper. These differences help to differentiate the two, and help to explain why some fire tables cost more than other fire pit models.

Propane powered fire pits are one of the most popular options, especially in the summer months when everyone loves to hang out in the yard. They are widely available at your local hardware store and even at home improvement stores, but they can also be purchased online. While they do take up some extra space when they are not in use, propane powered fire pits are incredibly convenient and can provide you with hours of entertaining enjoyment. If you are looking for a unique outdoor fire pit that will add an elegant touch to your patio, consider purchasing a propane powered version.